Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development
(which includes PSHE-Personal, Social and Health Education)

We encompass SMSC development across the whole curriculum; discussing and debating relevant topics for young people. We explore the ethics of science, working alongside companies such as MedImmune; we hold ‘Big Questions’ seminars, inviting guest speakers to explore areas of faith, relationships, discrimination and existence; we teach students how to use technology and to implement methods of security, to be aware of cyber bullying and the protocol of messaging; and we work with groups and individual students during ‘Challenge Projects’ to develop work place skills such as presenting, organising, leadership and team work.

Assemblies are held every week and a variety of companies and support agencies are invited in to talk about what they do and what they can offer young people. Many of the presentations are followed by workshops or discussions within tutorial time led by the tutor. We also have a daily tutor programme where students focus on self reflection and resilience including their ability to analyse the world around them through the media

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