Caring for Students

You could be part of Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology – joining the next generation of Britain’s scientists, technicians, engineers, and programmers. As highly skilled young people you will be the innovators and enterprising employees of tomorrow. You will be helping to create new industries and provide much-needed talent for existing businesses and public services both within our region, and beyond. You will learn in innovative and exciting ways, fulfilling your desire to be a dynamic, future-thinking scientist.

We deliver outstanding educational experiences which are grounded in real, relevant workplace practice. Through our unique partnerships with world-class employers, colleges and universities, you will gain a head start to your future careers.

Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology is part of Cambridge Academic Partnership. These are a group of small successful colleges located in the centre and south of the city of Cambridge. The school is also supported by the Baker Dearing Trust as a University Technical College (UTC).


Sian Foreman

Caring for Students - SEND

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