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How the Assessment System works – Go4School & Assessment Folders

The opportunity to track student assessment performance is available for families throughout the academic year. Grades and other information can be viewed online at the Go4Schools site Information about how to register and use the system is in the guide below.

After an assessment, all students will get feedback from their teachers which allows them to analyse their exams so they can do better next time. Feedback is also given on tests or extended pieces of work between exams. This marked work is called an interim assessment and although grades are not entered into Go4Schools, students will use it to help them progress. The feedback from exam style assessments and interim assessments is presented on a form printed onto orange paper so that it can be easily identified. The actions highlighted in the feedback (orange) sheet represent a communication between students and teacher and are kept next to the assessed (marked) exam paper/piece of work in the students Assessment Folder.

Within school, teaching staff operate an individual student tracking process, called the OTI (Outcomes Tracking and Intervention). Faculty leads work together with their subject and pastoral teams to review how every child is performing using the grades on Go4Schools. From these they determine any additional support and intervention that a student may require above and beyond teacher feedback, to perform better in the future.

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