Cambridge is one of the world’s fastest growing business clusters. The Cambridge phenomena continues and as well as the famed Science and Technology entrepreneurialism of the area, the Biomedical, Biotech and IT industries are booming.

The rapid expansion of these business sectors has resulted in a skills shortage in scientific and technological roles from entry level through to post- doctoral, with companies finding it increasingly difficult to find the right people. This is why so many employers – established and emerging – are offering their best personnel and resources to support focused science and technology students at the college.

These world leading companies recognise that the Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology model has the rigour and flexibility to train the next generation to join their workforce skilled, with a strong work ethic and ready to innovate.

The desire for sustainability is also driving innovation – resulting in novel engineering solutions, construction techniques, building design and power generation.

Employers are aware that they need staff with the skills and training to design, deliver and maintain these new technologies. They are also aware of the many benefits that association and input from young minds brings to the partnership.

The value in CPD terms for many partners is proving a great incentive to work with Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology. Management, team co-ordination, project leadership, inviting innovation – on all levels the professionals working with the college are recognising the payback.

Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology is extremely fortunate to be associated with a number of high profile companies who are specialists in their fields. This allows both students and staff opportunities for co-working and real-life experience in the workplace.

We have different levels of partnerships, enabling long-term relationships to be developed at a commitment level that suits each organisation.  Some partners support us by working on Challenge projects with us, others through the commitment of human and financial resource and some purely through the generous donation of equipment or materials.

If you would like to know more about the potential and benefits of partnering with Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology please contact the college by emailing

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