Alistair Easterfield

Assistant Head Teacher – Challenge & Careers

Danielle Pacey

Interim Head Teacher

Staff Member: Role: Email Address:
Richard Ansell Site Supervisor
Laura Atkin Chemistry Teacher
Colin Bashford Director of Science and Technology
Allan Bramley BTEC Teacher
Alex Caley Coordinator of GCSE/A Level Science
Barry Cooper Computer Science Lead
Fiona Donnelly Head of Pastoral Care
Catherine Edmunds Maths Teacher
Willard Gono Computer Science & Maths Teacher
Sam Lakin Geography Teacher
Melissa Lee Head of Careers & Resources
Amy Logan PE Teacher
Jenny Moss BTEC Teacher 
Christine Rookes Student Services
Ysanne Smith Maths Teacher
Jonathan Spoczynski Head of SEN Provision
Alwyn Whitaker Maths Teacher


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