Life Sciences Pathways

Studying the Life Sciences gives you the skills needed to be successful in a range of interesting and fulfilling careers. Some examples include becoming a Doctor, Chemical Engineer or Marine Biologist. These skills are greatly improved by working directly with professionals in these fields on a weekly basis during Challenge Projects.

Research, Diagnostic and Health Sciences

The Cambridge area is the biggest centre of biomedical research in Europe. Some of the areas our students have worked directly include cancer research and drug discovery. Our students are taught the analytical and team working skills starting in  year 9 when they are explicitly taught how to plan experiments. Students complete their extended investigations in year 12.

Medicine, Veterinary and Forensics

Our A-level students get first hand experience of what it is really like in a hospital as Addenbrooke’s guarantees a number of our students work experience there every year. The level of support we give in Chemistry, as well as in the other A-levels makes sure our students make great progress. Our students learn the basic skills and knowledge for forensics, such as PCR, DNA barcoding, chemical analysis and forensic psychology.

Environmental Sciences

We are constantly impacting on the environment around us. Finding out what those impacts are and how to mitigate them is only going to become more important in the future. The Skills required to do this, such as sampling, analysis and mapping are explicitly taught. Our students also work with environmental consultants from Mott MacDonald to carry out environmental impact assessments.

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