STEM Pathways

Studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths at CAST gives you the skills needed to be successful in a range of interesting and fulfilling careers. Some examples include becoming a Research Scientist, an Engineer in a wide range of specialist areas and a Computer Scientist able to offer programming solutions or network and software support. These skills are greatly improved by working directly with professionals in these fields on a weekly basis during Challenge Projects.

Physical Sciences

The Cambridge area is a major hub for scientific research. Studying any of the physical sciences or combinations of them gives students a broad and varied background of scientific knowledge and skills that will enable them to become leading research scientists. Our students are taught not only the scientific knowledge but also the technical skills required to enable them to design, conduct, analyse and evaluate experimental work.


Engineers have become the backbone of the technological age. There are such a wide range of both specialised and general fields of engineering as well as a need for qualified engineers at all levels. Studying A-level science whether it be biology, chemistry or physics in conjunction with A-level maths will give any student access to the whole range of engineering fields. The students have opportunities to experience some of these in their Challenge Projects.

Computer Science and Use of IT

Our entire world now revolves around computers and how they operate and work together in networks. As a consequence the need for Computer Scientists to code systems, networks and develop software is an ever growing one. A strand of the A-level Challenge Project programme is focused on the use of Computer Science in industrial contexts which prepares students for future employment.

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