Bridging Courses

‘It is important to make the best possible start to your A-level courses. Preparing properly before you start is crucial to this. Having a basic knowledge of the content that you will cover will allow you to make the most out of your lessons and get the best possible grades. To help you with this please complete the bridging work below for the subjects you have chosen to study. Work can be submitted to the teachers named in the documents before the 29th June so they can give you feedback on it. CAST will not be having the on-site induction day on the 29th June due to the Coronavirus. We look forward to seeing you in September.’




GCSE to A level Biology transition work for students


BTEC Applied Science

BTEC Bridging



Chemistry Bridging Task

A-level-chemistry-bridging-work1 (1)


Computer Science

Computer Science Y11 – Y12 bridging


Core Maths

Core Maths Bridging Work


Environmental Science

Environmental Science bridging work



Geography Bridging Course research materials Geography Bridging Work Questions

Geography Bridging Course research materials





Generic Maths Summer Assignment without letter (updated by Paul Thompson)

Generic Maths Transition Work letter



GCSE to Alevel Physics Questions

Physics Bridging Work READ ME FIRST



Maths in Psychology

Psychology Bridging work



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