Challenge Projects

Challenge projects are developed in close collaboration with partners in industry, healthcare and academia, in association with Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology staff.  They provide a unique opportunity to develop:

  • a practical understanding of science
  • practical science skills
  • curriculum teaching
  • transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership and literacy
  • enhanced careers awareness

The projects provide our students with the practical skills needed to underpin the learning achieved through academic study, putting students in a very strong position when it comes to applying for sixth form, university, apprenticeships or work.  The CAST Challenge Project programme is widely regarded as a national exemplar of excellence in project based learning both by educationalists and business leaders.

Collaboration with Partners in Industry

The projects are delivered through a partnership between our staff and colleagues from a wide range of partner organisations. Students engage in seminars, practical activities, teaching activities, independent work and visits.Most projects involve a range of activities that promote work-based skills and address real world problems.

In year 9 students are given an introduction to Challenge, learning the skills required to become a good scientist.

In years 10 and 11 students work through projects which include biomedical research, physical science, engineering and computer science. Initially students will complete three short projects to give them the basic skills to excel at project based learning before completing 5 extended projects, each lasting for around 9 weeks.

In years 12 and 13 students are given the opportunity to select from a wide range of projects from across the sciences and engineering. This allows our students to personalise their education and gain the skills required to support future career ambitions. All Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology students take part in the Baker Award.

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