Post-16 Additional Courses

Extended Project Qualification

All students are encouraged to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This is an individual research project that is very popular with Universities as an entrance qualification alongside A Levels or BTECs.The EPQ is an opportunity for students to complete a project in a subject area which interests them. They will develop widely transferable skills which will be useful later on, for example, developing critical thinking and project management skills. Universities and Employers look for these skills as they are necessary for successful study at University, and they help you stand out from the crowd.

The EPQ is a stand-alone qualification that is equivalent to half an A Level, with an A* achievable, and UCAS points gained. The aim is to help you to develop beyond your existing study programme by giving you the freedom to complete a project on an area of personal interest or benefit whilst also developing project management skills along the way. University admission officers are actively looking for evidence of students completing an EPQ and it could give you the edge.

You can find the EPQ Specification here.

EPQ Results March 2018

Grade A*- C   97%

Pass Rate: 100%

Core Maths (Level 3 Certificate in Mathematical Studies)

A level Maths isn’t for you, but you’re planning to study courses that have some mathematical content to them? Then Core Maths is a great option to consider!

In a recent survey of maths that people wished they’d learnt at school, more than 5 of the items appear in the Core Maths syllabus. The course contains elements of:

  • Personal finance: the maths of income tax and national insurance and student loans; and how to make decisions regarding mortgages; insurance; credit cards and borrowing
  • Estimation: so amongst other things, you’ll also be able to calculate the quantities and cost of tiling a bathroom, or laying laminate flooring
  • Use and abuse of statistics: will support your work in your other subjects, but will also teach you to be critical of statistics thrown at you every day in the media

Since the content is all set in real world contexts, students who complete the course are surprised by just how much they enjoy it!

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