Pre-16 Curriculum GCSE

The Pre-16 Curriculum GCSE

We offer a GCSE Foundation year for students beginning year 9. The course covers learning that thoroughly prepares students for the demands of all the 1-9 GCSEs offered at CAST. This is so that students have learned the important basics and have a head-start in covering the GCSE specifications in year 10 and 11.

In Year 10 and 11, all students take English (Literature and Language), Maths, Separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics and ‘Challenge’. In addition students enjoy PE lessons. Finance is also a core subject within our curriculum. Students can take either Computer Science or IT or Health and Social Care (HSC) and Geography, Psychology or Design, Engineer Construct (DEC) as option subjects.


English Language & Literature






Option 1: Either

Computer Science

Information Technology

Option 2: Either



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