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We are one of only 4 schools in Cambridgeshire to have received the Quality In Careers Standard award. We were rated as very good (the highest rating) and in our inspection report it was stated ‘There are no particular weaknesses that became apparent during the evidence assessment or visit’, along with many other very positive statements.

We have a very clear careers guidance program at Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology.  The aim of which is to ensure that all students have the information and support that they need to progress successfully when they leave us, be that for alternative sixth forms, university, apprenticeships or work.  Our careers program is incorporated into our enhanced STEM curriculum, which also includes Challenge Projects and other STEM related activities (such as the Cambridge Science Festival).

Briefly, year 10 and 12 students have a similar program, although tailored to their own age range. The aim of these programs is to open students’ eyes to the range of careers available in the local STEM workforce (in its broadest context), this is achieved through workplace visits and exposure to a wide range of practicing professionals through Challenge Projects.  We ask all visitors who work with our students to give them a brief summary of their own career path and job.  Challenge Projects are modelled to give students an insight into working professionally in specific fields.  Students also have the opportunity to visit a careers fair to get a feel for the wider career opportunities locally and nationally.

Furthermore, we take students through the process of successfully applying for a job.  The students all attend CV writing workshops, they then write their own CVs and have individualised feedback from industry professionals.  All students have the opportunity to have a mock interview with written feedback.  Finally, we aim that all year 10 and 12 students complete at least 1 weeks (2 weeks for BTEC students) external work experience.

For year 11 students we continue to develop student understanding of work and careers through Challenge Projects with the addition of careers carousels, during which students can learn about specific STEM related careers that maybe of interest to them.  In September we provide support and guidance to the students in completing their sixth form applications through UCAS.

In year 13 our provision is more bespoke, with opportunities to meet and hear from university admissions officers, to attend university recruitment fairs, and individual support with apprenticeship and job applications.  We also provide considerable support through resources on One Note and in lessons to support students with university applications.  We start some of the year 13 program towards the end of year 12 so students can work on applications over their summer break.

Throughout their time at the college all students can make appointments to our Head of Careers, Melissa Lee for individual advice and support.

She can be contacted on

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